Friday, August 28, 2009

Ironman Louisville - Day 2

So there's been a little bit of a technological malfunction - the camera battery is dead! I was able to get some more pictures, especially few from the IM Athlete dinner. Hopefully the situation will be fixed tomorrow.

The Athlete dinner was what I expected, tons of people, a comedic host, and those inspirational videos including music with lots of fanfare and slow motion video of past Ironman races. I know these videos are supposed to invoke every ounce of inspiration and motivation to get us out there and do our best. Honestly I do feel it but it also brings that feeling of fear I've been suppressing. I don't think anyone goes into an Ironman without fear. The fear of the pain, the anguish, the fight, the determination it will take to put one foot in front the other and say to yourself "now do it again."

But the one thing I am taking with me to the starting line Sunday is that whether I do just one race or one a year for the rest of my life is the feeling of accomplishment I will be overcome with at That finish line.

I Will be at the Finish Line


  1. Go Kelli!!! You are doing great - half the run down and you have 6 hours to go! you are going to rock this!Jinny xoxo

  2. Great race for you! Hope you saw us out there. We were large and in charge. It was a perfect day.