Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ironman Louisville Day 1

The car is packed and I was ready to go.

On my way I stopped at Panera Bread in West Lafayette so I could hop on the WiFi and get the address for the hotel and check a few emails, then I continued onwards.

Crossing the bridge over into Kentucky was a bit surreal because you could see the Transition area.

Once I got into Louisville I drove west to get out of the city and to the rural part of the bike course. I parked at the turn for the dog leg. There is a beautiful little church at this point. When we parked at the church for camp the garden crew was there. They said we could park there if we helped out. I don't think that would have been a good idea since this church is surrounded by gorgeous rose bushes and I am so bummed I forgot to take a picture. I had a short ride/run brick and of course I brought the luck of rain with me. It poured the entire time on the bike and was blue skies and sun for the run - I just don't get it!

Then I headed to the hotel, checked in, and did three trips to get all my stuff to my room - this is when I miss my tri-Sherpa, I mean hubby. On my way out to hunt for food I ran into 2 girls from Team IE. We all went to dinner together and I'm totally bummed I left my new water bottle there. I called the restaurant and told them I left my "lucky" water bottle and, yippie, they found it and I can pick up tomorrow. Well that's day one. Not much besides traveling. Tomorrow I am going to take a look at the swim start, a close up of transition, and the EXPO!!! I promise to remember my camera.

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