Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

KLP You Are an Ironman

Yes, I finished!! It was a long day but I did just what I said I was going to do - put one foot infront of the other. I promise to write a race report but first I will treat with a bunch of pictures.

Here's Mike and I at dinner with my parents.
Check at the cool shirt Mike got me!!

Swim to Bike transition. Thats me in the red.

Lap 1 - riding near the Awesome Team IE Tent.

Leaving transition and out to the run course

This is only 2 miles into the run course and I was finally getting my legs back.

Dad and Mike waiting and waiting and waiting for me at the finish
Me at the finish (its kinda hard to see)
Mike and I after the finish!!!!
Thanks so much to Mike, Mom, and Dad for
being the best Iron Kelli Cheer Squad